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CRYSTALIGHT DESIGNS -- Beautiful jewelry for the body and spirit...




Crystals and gemstones, part of the mineral kingdom, are an important component of the earth’s structure. Being part of the earth, and being under foot, they are the basis upon which all plants and animals stand. They are strong, vibrating energy. Each mineral, as each person, has its own unique energy. However, we are all a part of the same overall energy field, as we share energy with the earth and our environment.

Crystals and gemstones are thousands of years old. They serve the earth by being strong, supportive, and loving. When we take a crystal or gemstone into our space, we are bringing their particular energy closer to us. We can utilize their presence as reminders of our connection with Mother Earth. Their structure and color vibration can bring joy and health into our minds, spirits, and bodies. Their energy has the ability to enhance our spirituality as well as our connection with all of nature. Their beauty is uplifting.

We know that everything on earth has energy. Whatever we associate with, or take into our environment affects our own energy fields. For example, when we eat plants or animals, their vibration becomes a part of us, and affects our beings. Likewise, as we gaze upon, wear, pray with, or carry crystals and gemstones, they too share their energy with us. God created these crystals with perfection—they are perfect. We should respect them and relate to them with the same reverence we afford the rest of God’s creation.

Jade Heart Necklace
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CRYSTALIGHT DESIGNS -- Beautiful jewelry for the body and spirit...


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